Welcome to the PHS Counseling Office page!

I hope you will find many resources as you plan for your four years at PHS and beyond. This website is broken down into different categories. On the left-hand side are links to documents that can help you plan for your time at PHS and beyond. There are also links to different websites to help you search for schools, careers, and financial aid information. A calendar is provided in the upper right-hand corner to announce different events going on throughout the year.

Whether you are wondering about which courses to take for next year, how to improve your grades, what college you want to attend, or just how to deal with the day-to-day stress of your life, I hope you will find a start to the information you need.

Please remember while there is a lot of information on here for you to use - don't forget to stop in and see me if you need help!


Valerie Abel, School Counselor

Financial Aid Links

General Financial Aid Information
College Finance Center
Scholarship Search Engines
Scholarships.com School Soup