Carl Carlson, Superintendent

Welcome to Pecatonica CUSD #321

As the new District Superintendent of our Pecatonica CUSD #321 Schools, I want to officially welcome you to our website. The goal of the site is to serve as a viable and user friendly tool to provide updated information and communication for all the events throughout the district. If you are interested in downloading the free app to your iPhone or Android, you can go to your App Store or Play Store and search Pecatonica CUSD #321.

The start to this school year has gone smoothly despite continuing to navigate school operations during an ongoing pandemic. The students and staff continue to do an amazing job following the safety protocols outlined by our local health department. The district continues to mask up, emphasize social distancing, frequent hand washing, and deep cleaning to ensure the safest environment possible. Our goal this year is to move back toward normalcy as best we can. We anticipate being able to bring back in person activities like Parent-Teacher Conferences, Fall Plays, music concerts, and countless other events we all enjoy supporting.

Pecatonica CUSD #321 has a rich tradition of excellence in academic achievement. The learning environment is supported by a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs to promote important social opportunities. As an alumnus of Pecatonica, it is so rewarding to be able to come back and have the opportunity to continue building on that rich tradition and hopefully take the district to even greater heights. As District Superintendent, I look forward to strengthening the partnerships with our families and community stakeholders to offer the best education possible. There is a a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Pecatonica has the combination of excellent district staff, supportive families and community members, and a Board of Education that strives to do what is best for students and that makes this an incredible place for our students to grow and learn. It is great to be back in Pecatonica and I look forward to working together to make a brighter tomorrow!!

Yours in Education,
Carl Carlson, Superintendent