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Hello there!

I am excited to support your child's academic, social/emotional, and career journey at PCMS! This page can be a resource for you to help your child(ren) be successful in middle school.

Brooke Jacobs, PCMS School Counselor

Contact Information

Phone: 815.239.2612 ext. 1206

Email: brookejacobs@pecschools.com


What is said in my office, stays in my office...


  1. Someone is hurting you

  2. You want to hurt yourself

  3. You want to hurt someone else

  4. You give me permission to share information with another trusted adult

Your safety & well being is my first priority!

Services Provided

School counselors are licensed professional educators who improve student success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.

Services Provided include:

  • Academic support

  • Personal and social development

  • Career development

  • Crisis intervention

  • Advocacy & referral

  • Short term individual counseling services

  • Classroom social/emotional lessons

  • Collaboration with students, parents, & teachers

Reasons to See Me

Some reasons include:

  • Academic Concerns (difficulty understanding material, organization, help talking with a teacher, etc.)

    • School counselors can provide academic support, study strategies, and resources to help students improve their performance

  • Personal Issues (stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or family problems that impact their well-being and ability to succeed in school.)

    • School counselors offer a safe and confidential space for students to discuss their concerns, process their emotions, and develop coping strategies.

  • Social & Peer Relationships (issues related to friendships, conflict with peers, social isolation, or bullying)

    • School counselors can provide guidance on building healthy relationships, navigating social situations, and addressing peer-related challenges.

  • Emotional Regulation & Stress Management (School can be a stressful environment for students, and some may struggle with managing their emotions, coping with stress, or regulating their behavior.)

    • School counselors can teach relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices, and coping skills to help students better manage their emotions and stressors.

  • Family Dynamics (Family issues such as divorce, parental conflict, or changes in family structure can have a significant impact on a student's well-being and academic performance.)

    • School counselors can offer support, resources, and referrals to help students navigate family challenges and maintain a healthy balance between home and school life.

  • Trauma & Crisis (Students may experience traumatic events such as accidents, loss of a loved one, or incidents of violence, which can have lasting effects on their mental health and behavior.)

    • School counselors are trained to provide trauma-informed support, crisis intervention, and referrals to appropriate mental health services when needed.

How to Access Me

  • Self-referral

    • Email, Stop by my office, Mailbox outside of office, Smart pass, or ask the main office to find me

  • Request of the school counselor

  • Parent referral

  • Teacher/Staff referral

Supports & Tips

Stress Relief Apps/Activities:

Super Stretch Yoga

Mindful Powers

Relax Melodies

Physical Exercise

Mindfulness & Meditation

Creative Expression

Music & Dance


Socializing with Friends

Laughter & Play