Pecatonica Community Middle School Athletics/Activities Department

Fall Sports

8th - Donna Harvey
7th - Amber Dummer
7/8th Asst.- Kim Peterson
6th - Johanna Hoffman

Cross Country
Coach-Matthew Krantz

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
8th - Matt Miller
7th -  Tom Thome
7th/8th Asst.- Adam Green, Nate Berg, Ethan Ackerman
6th - Justin Spickler

Girls Basketball
8th - Avery Spickler
7th -  Justin Spickler

7th/8th Asst.- Donna Harvey
6th - OP

Spring Sports

Stephanie Wise
Merlin Peacey
Tara Carlson
Nick Ford

Clubs & Activites/Coaches & Advisors
Academic Bowl - Donna Harvey and Erin McLevige
Band - Neal Shippy
Choir - Sabrina Massa
Student Council - Ericka Yancey and Lisa Pozzi
Yearbook - Mickey Hutting and Jessica Houghton