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2019 American Legion High School Essay Contest Winners
2019 American Legion High School Essay Contest Winners
Melanie Kerr
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Congratulations to Lily Karvelis and Emma Gocken, the 2019 American Legion High School Essay Contest Winners from the 11th/12th grade division!  The American Legion awarded Lily and Emma each a $25.00 prize and their Americanism essays will advance to the District Competition. Thank you Lily and Emma for your thoughtful patriotic essays and allowing us to share them

Lily Karvelis Americanism Essay Grade 11

What are my responsibilities as a U.S. Citizen?

Being a U.S. citizen is a wonderful advantage and provides amazing opportunities to live your best life. Being a U.S. citizen goes far beyond singing The Star Spangled Banner and celebrating the Fourth of July; and with its benefits come several responsibilities. Some responsibilities I believe a U.S. citizen should fulfill include providing opportunity for education for future generations, being accepting towards other individuals, and caring for the land upon which we live.

Future generations are, of course, what will drive the world; and if we want it to be a healthy, sustainable world, we need to assure that these future generations have every possible opportunity for education. We need to nourish minds so that the future remains bright for generations to come.  Education should be available to everyone who desires it, and the cost of college should be affordable to all without the need to take on major debt.

Along with education, it is so incredibly important that future generations know peace in a world where individuals are loving, kind, and non-judgemental.  We have to end the hate and divisiveness and work toward tolerance and acceptance of all. A hateful, discriminating country is a weak country. One very important role as an American citizen is to prevent our country from splitting up due to hate, racism, and unacceptance. A better country is a country whose citizens are accepting of all.  Accepting other individuals is a responsibility of each American as it brings people together, making the country stronger.

Another responsibility that comes with being a U.S. citizen is caring for the world we live in today. What’s a country that lives upon dirty soil with polluted water sources? A healthy, clean country is a strong country. As we leave this country and this world to the generations to come, we need to make sure that they are healthy and sustainable so that future generations can continue to thrive. By not caring about environment and this world we have, we are weakening our country and making it harder for our own children and their children to live good lives.

Although many people may not consider the responsibilities that come with being a U.S. citizen, it is so important to recognize that we are responsible for making our country as great as it can be. By discriminating against our own members of our country, by ignoring the fact that many children don’t have adequate teachers or the needed materials for a successful future, and by damaging the earth and polluting it, we are ruining our own country. Some of our responsibilities as U.S. citizens are to care for each other and love each other, raise children with love and opportunities for education, and lastly, respect and care for the earth.

Emma Gocken Americanism Essay Grade 10

As citizens of the United States of America, everyone has certain responsibilities in order to be a successful citizen. America was founded on the idea of democracy. Everyone has a voice in how the country is run, and the citizens are just as important as the leaders of the country. Since everyone is granted this right to express their voices, they should fulfill their duties that come with it. A few responsibilities of U.S. citizens include voting, staying informed, and obeying the laws.

One vital responsibility of an American citizen is to vote. Voting is a simple yet effective way to express one’s voice in this country. All American citizens are given the right to vote; therefore, they have the power to choose who runs the country. Voting is not only important; making an informed vote is crucial to the advancement of America. When someone votes, he or she must know what the candidates’ stands are. In conclusion, citizens must make informed votes so they can utilize their right to have a say in the nation’s government.

Another responsibility of every American citizen is to stay informed on the important events occurring in the country. In order to stay with the current news, citizens should keep up with both national and local news, since both will affect them. They can use the information to make educated votes during elections, and to overall improve their lives. Knowing what is going on in the government, military, weather, and any other national events is crucial to making informed decision. Whether it is to vote or to make important decisions, everyone in America must know what is happening in their home country.

One final responsibility of all U.S. citizens is to obey the laws and regulations put in place by authorities. Laws and rules are crucial to the stability of the country. However, people must follow the laws in order for them to have any meaning. Cooperation of the nation’s people will not only increase the country’s success, but it will make America a safer place to live. Every law passed in America has been carefully refined to the country’s needs in order to make the most of the law. Each and every law is made to better America in some way. If someone doesn’t follow the law, he or she will face minor to serious consequences. So that one may be successful as a citizen of the U.S., the laws must be followed.

To summarize the information above, being a citizen of the United States of America comes with responsibilities. Voting is one of the best ways to have a say in the country’s government officials. Staying informed in order to make an educated vote is also extremely important to keep up with national and local events. Finally, obeying the laws enforced will help everyone be more successful in their lives as American citizens. All in all, it is everyone’s duty to follow through with what is expected of them as citizens of the U.S.

Very Good Work!!!