Pecatonica School District is excited to announce an easy way for family and friends of our district to purchase gift cards for your use or to give as a gift. Your gift card purchase will be at face value and the program gives a percent back to the school district without costing you anything more.

Shopwithscrip.com allows a variety of ways to obtain a gift card:

  1. A physical card that will be ordered through Pecatonica School District that will be available for pick up or sent home with your child.
    1. Cards will be ordered on FRIDAYS and are delivered the following week.
    2. Click to view the Complete Order Form, the low denomination order form will be available during the holiday season.
    3. Complete the order form and a check payable to Pecatonica School District. You can send with your child (to any Pecatonica School) in an envelope labeled “SCRIP”
  2. MyScripWallet- allowing electronic purchase https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Support/ordering-scrip-for-families/myscripwallet
  3. ScripNow - for instant printing of a gift card https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Support/ordering-scrip-for-families/use-scripnow--never-miss-rebates-again
  4. Reload/Reload now- to allow reloading of a gift card you currently have https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Support/ordering-scrip-for-families/reloading-a-card

Feel free to contact Jill Folk(jillfolk@pecschools.com) or Sarah Kuperus(sarahkuperus@pecschools.com) with any further questions you may have.

Thanks in advance for supporting Pecatonica School District!