support our troops

Dear Students and Parents, 

In the past few years, we have sent care packages to the men and women from our area in the military. This year we will do it again, and we have received a generous donation of Fire Department Coffee to add to the packages. We are asking students and their families to bring items to fill the care packages to show our thankfulness for the sacrifice and hard work these service people do for us and our country. Please consider bringing the items listed below to add to the packages. We will need your items by November 19th, 2021, so that we can get them mailed in time for the holidays. 

  • High-quality socks (high-quality socks will make the toughest soldier smile with delight) 

  • Soap (shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc.)

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss

  • Deodorant (travel size/non-aerosol) 

  • Lip Balm

  • Foot powder

  • Baby wipes

  • Sunscreen

  • Pain-relieving topical cream (not a necessity, but can be a real luxury)

  • Vick VapoRub

  • Hand warmers

  • Sewing kits

  • Hot sauce (a great commodity to have around, and the convenience of Taco Bell sauce packets are great to have in the field) 

  • Water flavoring packets (many places we are deployed are very hot, and we need to constantly remain hydrated) 

  • Beef jerky

  • Slim Jims

  • Protein bars 

  • Gum

  • Sunflower seeds

  • Lens cleaning clothes

  • Reading material (magazines, books or an e-reader like a kindle) 

  • Handheld video games

  • Board games

  • Deck of cards

  • iPod or thumb drives with movies, music, and pictures

  • Puzzles

  • Plastic model kits

  • Baseball gloves/baseball

Boxes are located at Pecatonica Middle School Office!